Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter


  • Universal Power Supply
  • Bi-directional Flow Measurement
  • Built-in Totaliser
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Conforms to International
  • Standards

Product Description

The electromagnetic flow meter accurately measures the flow rate of conducting liquids or slurries flowing in closed pipes. It is obstruction less and hence does not add pressure drop to the process. Absence of moving parts eliminates the need for maintenance. The performance of the instrument is not affected by the properties of the material such as corrosiveness, viscosity and density.

The instrument works on the principle of Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction. A magnetic field is generated by the instrument in the flow tube. The fluid flowing through this magnetic field generates a voltage that is proportional to the flow velocity. This voltage is measured by the electronics and a corresponding output provided.

Universal Power supply
Accepts any voltage from 90 Vac to 265 Vac.

Bi-directional Flow Measurement
Measures the flow in both forward and reverse directions.

Built-in Totaliser
Provides a separate totalized volume value for flow in each direction.

Remote Monitoring
Easy monitoring of the process even in hard to reach places.

Conforms to International Standards
Designed to meet global requirements and available with international approvals.