Loading Meters, Type OV

Loading Meters, Type OV


  • Approved for custody transfer
  • Dept. of legal metrology approval – W & M certification
  • Easy installation
  • Non sensitive for vibrations, pulsations and pressure changes
  • High long term stability
  • Models available in Digital & Mechanical Display

Product Description

The meters type OV have been developed especially for use in loading systems for tank trucks and tank cars. The sizes available and the materials selected are coordinated with the requirements placed on modern loading facilities for petroleum products (motor gasoline, diesel, fuel oil). The meters are suitable both for top loading and bottom loading facilities.

The loading meters type OV are equipped with a novel pulse generator which consists of two pick-up heads. These pick-up heads work independently from each other according to the Inductive principle and guarantee partial volume measurement. Every pulse generated determines a known precise volume displaced. Periodic system-related errors do not occur.

The use of the two independently working pickup heads does not only fulfill the redundancy requirement for custody transfer applications; by using downstream electronic devices, it is also possible to provide for reverse flow detection and monitoring.