Gas Fired Boiler

Gas Fired Boiler

Oil fired boiler, gas fired boiler, Oil/Gas fired boiler is a packaged, three-pass smoke tube, with fully wet back boiler. We can give combination for burning light oils & gas and SMDH for burning heavy oils. It can also be customized to a completely skid mounted unit on customer demand. When fitted with a special burner, these boilers are ideal for burning waste gases like biogas from decomposition of organic matter in distilleries, corex gas from the steel manufacturing process and liquid fuels.


Product Description

Product Range

Capacity – 100 kg/hr to 25,000 kg/hr

Pressure – 10.54kg/cm² to 21 kg/cm²(g)

Fuels – LDO, IDO, HSD, FO, LSHS, Natural gas, LPG, Biogas.

Burners – Nu-way, Saacke, Ecoflame, Combustion concept, Riello,hamworthy, weishaft

Efficiency -Overall efficiency of 88 % (+/-2%) on NCV

Special Features

• Three-pass smoke tube with fully wet back boiler
• Multi-fuel option – light oils/heavy oils/gases
• High efficiency of about 88% to 92%
• High dryness fraction steam increases usable heat
• Burners are Modulating type, pressure jet, and rotary cup type.
• Additional option of oil pre-heater (Steam & Electric based) confirming to EN safety standards
• Large water holding capacity
• Optional 3-element control systems for close monitoring of water level, steam flow & feed water flow
• Optional PLC based control panels which can be hooked to SCADA or DCS systems
• Safety valve, steam stop valve, water level gauge glass & control switches mounted on the boiler.