EM MEF Mini By-Pass Level Transmitter

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EM MEF Mini By-Pass Level Transmitter


By by-passing a liquid to the outside chamber, taking advantage of a float inside the chamber with a magnet inserted as well as in the color flags, one can reveal the level of the liquid in a tank as the flags turn and change color by magnetic attraction to the float.

Product Description


  • Applicable in environments with high temp., high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali and hazardous locations.
  • The structure is simple but durable and reliable. It is also with various optional devices for upgrade in use.
  • A Level Transducer or Magnetic Switches can be installed and adjusted with no need to stop any process.
  • It is not operated by electricity and with not be affected by power failure.
  • The flag display is scaled by a piece of color, division every 10cm, one can easily read the levels height.
  • Multiple applications for textile dyeing, sewage water processing, power generating, hot coal oil boiler and petrochemical industries.