EM FG Magnetic Float Level Transmitter

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EM FG Magnetic Float Level Transmitter


The “Magnet Float Level Indicator” is composed of the float and sensing rod (shown as below). As the float raised or lowered by liquid level, the sensing rod will have a resistance output, which is directly proportional to the liquid level. Also, the float level indicator can be equipped with the TAB-1531 (please see page 3) to produce a 0/4~20mA signal. In addition, we can use with PB series bargraphic display scaling panel meter for level control and display. Anyway, “Magnet Float Level Indicator” is a great benefit to all kinds of industries with its easy working principle and reliability.

Product Description


  • Every sensing element is protected by a plastic package, safety in use and transport.
  • High performance and reliability of electric circuit modular designed.
  • Lower installation costs, less maintenance, reduced personnel training, and decreased plant shock down time.