EM EE Electromechanical Level Measuring System

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EM EE Electromechanical Level Measuring System


EE200 series Electro-Mechanical Level Measuring System is consisted of plumb, cable wire, measuring pulley, position sensor, and control board.  When measuring, the sensing weight will drop down and cable wire will rotate the measuring pulley.  Position sensor and control board will calculate the distance of travel of the  sensing weight(medium level) based on how many rotations measuring pulley accomplishes.

Product Description


  • 1 Measuring result immune from the interference of environment such as sound waves, dust, capacitance, or temperature change.
  • User-friendly with microprocessor-based design.
  • High level and low level alarm.
  • LCD Dot matrix: 8 x 2.
  • Analog output: 4-20mA dc.
  • Pulse output: Transistor output(NPN/PNP), Relay output(3A/250Vac)
  • Cable Break Alarm: System will detect cable  broken during measuring.
  • Plumb Buried Alarm: System will detect plumb buried by the medium.
  • 4 Forms of Start Mode: auto start, manual start, intelligent start, and external start.
  • Intelligent Start: Measuring interval is inverse  proportional to medium level.
  • Auto Return Setup: Prevent sensing weight from sliding into the tank to damage the equipment when tank is empty.
  • Material Fill-Up Protection: Reduce the possibility of plumb being buried.
  • Measuring range of 30m.
  • RS485 communication protocol.
  • Various selections of plumb.