EM EC Pressure Level Transmitter

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EM EC Pressure Level Transmitter


A pressure sensor is made out a piezoresister Wheatstone bridge. The pressure is applied to the diaphragm and passes through the silicon oil onto the Wheatstone bridge. When the pressure acts directly on the front face of diaphragm, the Wheatstone bridge will create a different voltage. This voltage difference can then be amplified to obtain a current signal of 4-20mA. After connecting this current output to a meter, we can scale the meter to read the level of the applied liquid in a container or a vessel.

Product Description


  • There are various types at user”s option, such as: transducer with extension cable/tube, Anti-corrosive type, flange type & pressure transducer.
  • Can be equipped with digital panel meter, recorder, PLC, signal controller.
  • There are metal diaphragm can be used in various environments such as weak acid and alkaline liquid or sewage water treatment.
  • Our internal temperature compensation ensures long lasting reliability.
  • Multiple flange/screw sizes are available. Customized flanges/screw can be ordered.