Diffusion Pumps

Diffusion Pumps

Diffusion Pumps With Integrated Baffle / Cold Cap / Baffle Cap

Capacities: Vacuum diffusion pumps with integrated baffle: DN 63 – 250 ISO-K (150 – 1750 l/s)
Vacuum Diffusion pumps with Cold cap/Baffle cap: DN 320 – 1000 ISO-F (3500 – 40000 l/s)


Product Description


  • Built-in water baffle
  • Vacuum diffusion pumps are suitable for mineral oils, silicone oils and pentaphenylether (e.g. Santovac)
  • High vacuum stability due to integrated booster stage
  • Rugged design
  • Low ultimate pressure
  • Integrated cold cap reduces oil back streaming
  • For high pumping speed and gas flow with baffle cap and without baffle mounted above
  • Low pump fluid consumption due to built-in fore vacuum baffle
  • Pump unit or complete manual/automatic pumping systems on request