About Us




EarthMech FZC.  is one stop solution for all of your Automation  industrial and specific constructional machinery needs. We try and provide you with customized solutions, turnkey requirements, economical and on time solutions. We have associates from around the world who are market leaders in various fields. We don’t just sell equipment’s; we provide complete solutions to your needs. We also back you up with timely service and spares.

We have principal suppliers from Europe, India, America, Far East and China. We have equipment’s ranging from Process instrumentation equipment’s for measurement and control of Level, Pressure, Flow and also Boilers for all industrial needs. In Construction Equipment’s we have all foundation machineries and horizontal directional drilling machineries. We also provide Power generation and distribution equipment’s, Specific instrumentation products, Oil field related machineries and supplies and general consumables etc. we provide consultancy services based on our vast experience in foundation and construction field.

We are dedicated to provide customers perfect services to make the customers feel secure in using our range of products and services. Our products have required class approvals and certifications to meet the specific industry requirements.

We win the market and obtain the trust of consumers not only through the excellent quality of products but also our excellent service, which strengthens the competitiveness and promotes the sales of the company We are ever ready to improve the quality of our service. This is one of the most essential elements in the development of our company. Anything that contributes to consumers’ satisfaction is included in System of Quality. Besides, we insist on treating every consumer individually with technical personnel from our principal suppliers who offer immediate and direct service. We expect to maximize the interests of consumers through our excellent service.

We will set up a special project organization in charging everything concerning customers’ order of placement: model selection, modification of original design, examination and approval of technical drawings, selection of technique standards, supply of raw materials, arrangement of production scheme and quality control (including self-inspection, mutual inspection and specialized inspection) in production. Everything is done strictly in accordance with our contracts with customers, state regulations and trade rules. Our effective management system ensures delivery of products on time or ahead of schedule. During the manufacturing process, we send customers timely information as to the progress of production of delivery. Before delivery, we assist customers with service, such as making an inventory, undertaking commissions for shipment, etc.

Guided by the principle—“Honesty, Perfect, Timely, Immediate”, we try to act upon the belief that good after-sale service is the beginning of a successful sale. In order to make sure that users can operate, maintain and take care of the equipment properly, We visit customers regularly and provide preferential spare parts of the products on a long-term basis. In addition, we give assistance to users with their annual examination and help solve problems during the process.